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The ValueSolve Mission is to provide experienced arbitration and mediation services at affordable and properly gauged rates to parties in conflict when the amount in controversy does not support the current market rates widely being charged by mediators and arbitrators for such services.

Our Foundation

  • We recognize that the resolution of many conflicts through conventional litigation can be cost-prohibitive in relationship to the amount in controversy. Mediation and arbitration fees of both neutrals and administrative providers are presently a component of the exorbitant costs of litigation. In fact, some mediators and arbitrators currently charge up to $800 an hour — that’s as much as $13.00 per minute — for everything they do.
  • We believe that the burdens of time, delay, inefficiency, emotional unrest and significant cost of the litigation process can be avoided through the use of highly qualified and experienced neutrals.
  • We seek to maximize the value of ADR services and to fill a gap in the current marketplace by providing “made to fit” mediation and arbitration services and rates.

Our Commitments

  • We’re committed to conflict resolution and party self-determination without the extensive time, inefficiencies, emotional challenges and costs of litigation, including the potentially disproportionate cost of a neutral as it might relate to the amount in controversy.
  • We’re committed to providing arbitration and mediation services in a manner and within a reasonable time frame that take into consideration the amount in controversy.
  • We’re committed to remaining knowledgeable about evolving developments in ADR and to influencing change in the field.
  • We’re committed to providing pro bono and reduced-fee services where there’s a need for such assistance.

To assess our qualifications, see Who We Are. To learn more about how we practice what we preach, see How We Work. We believe that ValueSolve is the answer for parties looking for alternative dispute resolution that’s efficient, effective and affordable.